Pre Order Batch 2 is on the way to me! Worldwide shipping available and free shipping in the USA! Excluding pre orders, items are shipped every Wednesday

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FAQ/ Contact page

Important Info: We are traveling until mid August, items will still be shipping weekly but communication may be limited, please read our FAQ page for all your questions!

*The brown eyed Quils and the 5 missing 40in Zeus are being re made and will be shipping to me when complete, when I have more info I will update this page and send an email!

The Second batch is on the way to me and we are expecting to receive the shipment end of July, please note that since we are traveling shipping may be delayed until we are home mid August, thank you for your patience and understanding! We are super excited for them to get here. This is in regards to Jude, Zeus, River, Atlas. Quest, Apollo, Nikki, Aspyn, Aleu and Albus 

15in Albus and the recently released 40in Zeus are preparing for production 

It is appreciated if you check our FAQ before contacting us with a question, our business is ran 2 people and we get dozens of messages a day so we aren't always able to get to every email/dm each day. Subscribing to our newsletter is also recommended for pre order updates!


Q: Can you hold this ____ for me?

A: unfortunately we cannot hold items, we want everyone to have a fair chance!

Q: When will my item be arriving?

A: It depends what you ordered! Our shipping days for in hand items are every Wednesday and Print on demand items can take up to 10 days to ship

Q: Will you be restocking _____?

A: We will not be restocking a plush once they sell out however we may have different variations of that design in the future!

Q; My packages seems lost, what can I do?

A: If you think your package is lost please contact USPS here or call them at this number 1-800-275-8777 

If USPS officially declares an item as missing then we will send out a replacement, we will pay up to $10 for replacement packages but anything over that will be covered by the buyer, For example, if it is $12.75 to send out a replacement, you will pay $2.75 

It is buyers responsibility to file a package as missing  

 Q: Can you make this breed as a plush?

A: We hope to make every dog breed eventually! We mainly release plush by demand so if we notice a lot of interest in a certain breed is getting a lot of requests then it will be released sooner  

 Q: How does shop pay work?

A: You can find information about shop pay here

Shop pay is not directly involved with Prime Shiba and any payment issues needs to be resolved through them 

 Q: I have a pre order, can I change my address?

A: Yes! Please send your new address and order number to, this email is only for address changes for pre orders that have not arrived, this email is not checked regularly and only checked when we are expecting a shipment to arrive so please do not send other inquires to this email 

 Q: Why hasn’t my package scanned yet? 

A: USPS can usually take a few days to scan packages but it can sometimes be longer but unfortunately we have no control over packages once they leave our hands 

Q: Can I return my item? 
A: All sales are final, we do not accept returns/ refunds on items, with the exception of pre orders that have not started production (currently all of our pre orders are in production and cannot be refunded but if you would like to exchange it for a different item please contact us on instagram or email) 

if you do not like the face on your plush I would recommend hand sculpting which you can do by pushing the eyes in with your fingers (see our instagram highlight for a tutorial) 

If you are still unhappy with your plush we can offer full or partial store credit depending on the issue 

Q: How long does shipping usually take? 
A: Shipping on average takes 2-8 business days not including processing time (we ship every Wednesday) 

Q: Do you ship worldwide? 
A: Yes! We can ship anywhere in the world! All of our plush are safety tested and CE marked 

Q: Why do you have other stuff on your website besides just your plush?

A: My goal for Prime Shiba was to not only create my own line of items like plush and figurines but also sell other dog related items that are by different brands, we try to be unique and sell things that may not be as easy to find to our US buyers, For example Teddy Hermann and Uni Toys!

We also haven't been able to release as many plush as we hoped recently so selling products from other brands helps us out a lot! 

Q: Where can I see you in person?

A: We don't have a physical store but we do in person events during the year, you can find all of our upcoming events on the home page

Q: Do you make customs?

A: We unfortunately do not offer custom plush or drawings but if you see a crewneck design you like you can reach out to see if we have your breed! 

Q: How do I wash my Prime Shiba Plush?

A: Plush can be hand washed or put in the washing machine on cold, after washing it is very important to not put them in the dryer! They are susceptible to dryer damage, it is recommended to place them under a fan to air dry which can sometimes take up to 2 days to fully dry! 



Still don't see your question? contact or on instagram which is primeshibashop

Please do not send messages on Facebook, Discord, Tiktok or Reddit, dms are not checked on those platforms!

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages